Visitors with Disabilities - Manuhiri Hauā

The Museum on Ridgway is accessible to wheelchairs and prams its entrance is at 62 Ridgway Street. Please note that there are no public toilets available and no food or drink is permitted in the exhibition spaces. Our friendly staff can, however, look after bags safely behind the counter.

The Museum on Ridgway is mostly a quiet space. During school holidays or when education classes are present, this may not always be the case! Please phone us before your visit to check if groups that could affect noise levels are booked in.

If you are attending an event at the Davis Theatre on Watt Street, there is ramp access from the car park behind the Museum.

Please contact the Museum if you are interested in a tactile tour designed for visually impaired visitors.


In Whanganui in January 1963 there was an elephant race from the Town Bridge, up Victoria Avenue, to the DIC Department Store, a distance of 274 metres. This photograph is of the winning elephant sitting outside the DIC. After the race two elephants entered the DIC and one of them signed autographs with a rubber stamp held in its trunk. They stayed in the store for a short period of time before returning to their home at the Bullen Circus.