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To get the most out of your Museum visit we suggest you prepare your class with pre-visit learning activities and follow-up your visit with further classroom learning linked to your Museum Education Programme. Contact us for activities suited to your class and learning focus.

For a general Museum visit, download this free teacher resource with suggested classroom learning activities:
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Family Treasures project
A Family Treasures project is a unit of learning that links home, school and the Museum as a community resource. By researching a family treasure or family photograph, students develop oral and written communication skills and discover more about themselves, their families and their communities.
Download the free teacher resource and student workbook template:
Family Treasures project teacher resource  
Family Treasures project student workbook



A series of photographs of the business sector of Whanganui was taken by F H Bethwaite in 1939. In Bates Street one of the many hotels in Whanganui, the Commercial, is situated conveniently near to the Wanganui Brewery, just down the road. The bicycles propped against the wall of the pub would have belonged to the clientele inside.