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01 January 2012 -
16 September 2012


Photographs of Whanganui by F H Bethwaite in 1939 and Beverley Sinclair in 2007.
Exploring the changing face of Whanganui.

In 1939 and 2007 two photographers from different times, different generations and using different camera technology, photographed the central business area of Whanganui. Snap! features these photographs that show continuity or change within Whanganui. We look at business and how we get around and about. We explore the growing town and we tell the stories of home life or going out on the town.



A connected education programme where hundreds of Whanganui school children have chosen a family photograph to find out more about their own families and the events and places that are special to them. You can browse through their completed project books.


A series of photography events and activities tied up with Snap! Go to Events and see how you can become snaphappy.