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13 June 2015 -
31 March 2016

Infiltrations II


In 2003 the core of a current 2015 Artists Group infiltrated the Museum exhibitions with art works created in response to the Museum collections. They were inspired by the idea of creating works that explore particular objects or collections of objects to experiment with blurring the boundaries between “authentic” museum collection objects and “art” objects.
Our Museum is now hosting Infiltrations II, 12 years later. The premise is the same and there are similarities with the 2003 show, but some works are radically different. In effect, the Museum hands over responsibility and power to the artists in order for them to realize their visions and they have done this. Contributing artists are Andrea Gardner, Brit Bunkley, Jo Pegler, Christine Hellyer, Karin Strachan and the F4 Collective of Sue Jowsey and Marcus Williams.
It’s up to the visitor to infiltrate the Museum, to search out the works and distinguish them from Museum exhibitions or collections.


One of Andrea Gardner's artworks      Karin Strachan's artwork