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12 September 2014 -
04 September 2016

The Moa Gallery

The Whanganui Regional Museum houses one of the most important collections of moa material in the world. Skeletal material from hundreds of individual birds is identified as being from at least five species. There is a complete moa egg, one of a very few in existence. There are also caches of moa gizzard stones and taonga (treasures) Māori carved from moa bone.



A storage and science study centre has been incorporated into a gallery to rehouse the moa collection, providing stability to the collection and increasing value as a learning tool, as well as an exhibition attraction. The collection becomes visible, exciting, and comprehensible. We can all see its scope and learn where moa bones have come from, why they have been preserved, and how they are cared for. They will be conserved and used for research, education, and publication.
This is a work in progress. As moa bones are identified, catalogued, researched, photographed and studied, they will be placed into visible storage.

Click the above image to see a video of the House of Bones exhibition and  Moa Gallery made by Visit Whanganui.