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28 July 2012 -
10 February 2013

Cherry Blossom and Bamboo

Fine porcelain and cloisonné from Japan and China

Cherry Blossom and Bamboo reflects the world of nature on exquisitely designed Chinese and Japanese ceramics and metal ware. The flowers and animals portrayed on the ceramics offer a glimpse into the inner world of symbolism and meaning that add to the beauty of the pieces.


This exhibition covers a range of styles from the 17th to the 20th centuries, and features translucent porcelains, monochrome glazes in lavender and sang-de-boeuf (ox blood), the more familiar blue and white glazed porcelains and two outstanding examples of Asian cloisonné.


This selection of Asian treasures is from the Dr Atholl Patterson Bequest, received by the Museum in 1991. The whole collection contains Chinese and Japanese ceramics and metal ware, as well as Thai and Indian metal ware. Dr Patterson collected these treasures over a number of years during his visits to these countries. See this collection online.