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Watt Street
PO Box 352
Whanganui 4540
New Zealand


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Telephone: 06 349 1110
Fax: 06 347 6512

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Opening Hours
10.00am - 4.30pm
Open every day except Christmas Day
and Good Friday


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10.00am - 1.00pm Monday to Friday except
public holidays


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The Wanganui Public Musuem was all dressed up to celebrate the visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Whanganui in January 1954. The photograph was taken and printed using a modified die transfer process, which involved three exposures on monochrome film through three basic colour filters. To allow for the large difference in exposure times between the images, flood lights were used. In order to manage the relatively short exposure times of the flood lights, the city engineer parked his car nearby. For each exposure, on the signal, he blew the car horn and a Museum staff member inside switched off the appropriate light. Each negative was printed by an enlarger onto special uncoated paper and then the three die images were transferred to the final full colour print.